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Tripod Camera Stand 3120A


-Tripod Stand 3120A

-Lightweight & portable

-Material: Aluminium alloy

-Colour: Black

-360 horizontal and 90 vertical swivels with 3-way head

-4 sections aluminium legs Quick release leg lock

-Max height: 1020mm

-Min height: 350mm

-Low working height: 345mm

-Tube diameter: 16.8mm

-Size: 35 * 8 * 8cm

-Net weight: 420g

-Non-slip rubber feet

-Grip for adjusting head position

-Compatible with all Cameras and Camcorders


Tripod Camera Stand 3120A

Now, you can also record perfect videos with help of the Tripod 3120A Aluminum Alloy Professional Camera Stand. This lightweight and sturdy stand have non-slip feet that make recording smoother. Moreover, it’s all way rotatable head makes it suitable to record the four-side view.

Furthermore, its Quick release leg lock makes it convenient to use in a while. So, capture your memories in the form of clicks or videos like an experienced photographer Its soft pad holds your phones easily and protects them from scratches.  So, enjoy the next adventurous trip with friends and capture clearer memories.

Tripod Camera Stand 3120A 3.3 Feet(102 cm) is suitable for Smartphones and Cameras & DSLRs. This tripod enhances the photography & videography skills of shooting device. This one tripod stand is suitable for all your cameras, from your smart phones to DSLRs (small lens), Digital Cameras & Action Cameras (Such as Gopro and SJCam all models).

Tripod Camera Stand 3120A is lightweight & easy to set up. It’s weight is under 500 grams, and can be set up in minutes with a simple clip on/off extend/retract legs. You can open and close the leg levers and achieve various heights between 1.1 Feet(34 cm) to 3.3 Feet(102 cm). It comes with 3 way pan head movements. This Tripod stand comes with a large mobile holder and bigger top rubber cap it can take all mobile smartphones.


  • Tripods are used for both still and motion photography to prevent camera movement. They are necessary when slow-speed exposures are being made, or when zoom lenses are used
  • Any camera movement while the shutter is open will produce a blurred image
  • A tripod is also helpful in achieving precise framing of the image, or when more than one image is being made of the same scene, for example when bracketing the exposure
  • Use of a tripod may also allow for a more thoughtful approach to photography. For all of these reasons a tripod of some sort is often necessary for professional photography as well as certain video uses. Tripods are also used to support small to medium-sized telescopes, large firearms, handheld optics (like binoculars), spotting scopes, and similar applications

If you are a professional photographer or videographer, this tripod is just what you need. Tripod Camera Stand 3120A holds the camera firmly and provides maximum stability to avoid camera shake and its achievement. The best shooting effect during professional shooting. This tripod is indispensable, especially for night and close shooting. This Tripod Camera Stand 3120A is also widely used in concert ,stage and meeting shootings. With moderate density, the tripod is portable for your outdoor shooting as well. It is truly the perfect companion to your digital camera or camcorder.



  • Suitable for most digital cameras and camcorders
  • With moderate weight, it is an ideal companion for your camera during your trip
  • Supper flexible legs for easy positioning, even on uneven and rough surfaces
  • This removable quick panel installation can fix your camera easily


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