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AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod


  • AY-49 AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod
  • Power: 5W
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Battery life: 1.5 hours at 6500k 100% power
  • Color Temperature:6500K
  • Dimension:23.5*18*4cm
  • Weight:0.45 kg
  • Special Feature: Mini, Portable, Adjustable color temperature, Foldable
  • Frequency response:100Hz~10Khz
  • Selectivity:Heart-Shaped(0°~180°@1KHz>5db)
  • The loudest level:100dB S.P.L
  • LED beads:49 LEDs (not cheap 36 LEDs)
  • Power supply:2pcs AA Batteries (not included)
  • Material: High-quality ABS
  • Brightness:10 Level Brightness Adjustable
  • Application: Photo YouTube Video Studio Photography

AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod

The AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod Pack Mount Stand is a flexible and fundamental extra for content makers, vloggers, photographic artists, and anybody hoping to catch steady and excellent recordings and photographs. This mount stand offers a scope of highlights and advantages that make it a priority device for the two fledglings and experienced experts. In this top-to-bottom depiction, we will investigate the key highlights, benefits, and different use instances of the AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod

1. Solid and Movable Plan:

One of the champion highlights of the AY-49 Vlogging Kit Tripod Stand is its solid and sturdy development. This stand is solid, built from great materials that can endure the afflictions of day-to-day use. Its hearty plan guarantees that your camera or cell phone stays secure and stable during your shooting meetings. With customizable legs, you can set up your mount on different surfaces, including lopsided landscape, to accomplish the ideal shot like clockwork.

2. Level and Point Flexibility:

This mount stand is planned in light of adaptability. AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod offers an extensive variety of level changes by your particular necessities. You can stretch out the legs to various levels, making it appropriate for taking shots at different points and catching alternate points of view. The AY-49 Vlogging Kit Tripod Stand Mount likewise accompanies a multi-point focal section that permits you to shift and turn your camera to accomplish the best organization. This adaptability is fundamental for catching powerful shots, whether you’re vlogging, live streaming, or shooting pictures.

3. Similarity with Different Gadgets:

The AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod is intended to oblige a great many gadgets. It includes a widespread mounting plate that is viable with most DSLR cameras, camcorders, cell phones, GoPro cameras, and, surprisingly, little simple-to-use cameras. This flexibility is a critical benefit, permitting you to switch between various gadgets without the requirement for extra frills or connectors.

4. Smooth Skillet and Slant Movement:

For videographers, smooth panning and shifting are fundamental for making proficient-looking recordings. The AY-49 Vlogging Kit Tripod Stand includes a liquid head that considers exact and easy container and slant developments. This is particularly significant while catching movement shots, for example, following a subject’s development or following activity successions. The liquid head’s smooth activity guarantees that your recordings are liberated from jerky or temperamental development.

5. Transportability and Reduced Plan:

The AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod is planned considering convenience. Its conservative and lightweight plan makes it simple to move, whether you’re shooting in a studio or on the spot. The stand’s foldable legs and speedy delivery plate framework make it easy to set up and bring down, saving you important time during your shooting meetings. This component is especially valuable for in-a-hurry vloggers and picture-takers who need a dependable stand that will not overload them.

6. Different Mounting Choices:

The AY-49 Vlogging Kit Tripod Stand goes past the standard highlights of a conventional stand. It incorporates different mounting choices, for example, a cell phone holder and a GoPro connector. This implies that you can undoubtedly switch between utilizing your DSLR camera, cell phone, or GoPro without the requirement for extra adornments. This adaptability is ideal for content makers who need to explore different avenues regarding various gadgets or need to shoot in different situations.

7. Remote Controller:

To make your vlogging and photography experience much more helpful, the AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod for phone with mic incorporates a remote controller. This remote permits you to set off your camera or cell phone’s screen without contacting the actual gadget. AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod is particularly helpful for catching self-pictures, bunch photographs, or recordings where you should be before the camera. The remote has a liberal reach, so you can catch shots in a good way.

8. Strength and Against Slip Highlights:

The AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod is planned considering steadiness. Its non-slip elastic feet guarantee that it remains immovably set up on different surfaces, decreasing the gamble of unplanned slips or falls. Moreover, the stand’s speedy delivery plate incorporates a well-being securing system to get your camera or gadget. This additional security gives true serenity while utilizing costly camera hardware.

9. Multifunctional Use Cases:

The AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod for phone with mic isn’t restricted to vlogging and photography alone. A flexible device can be utilized in a great many situations. Whether you’re recording video instructional exercises, leading video conferencing, catching time-slip by film, or even live streaming, this mount stand can adjust to your requirements. Its usability and similarity with various gadgets make it a significant resource for different innovative and proficient applications.

10. An incentive for Cash:

While considering the highlights and capacities of the AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod for phone with mic, it offers a fantastic incentive for your speculation. Its top-notch development, multifunctional plan, and similarity with different gadgets make it a practical decision for the two fledglings and experienced content makers.

In the Box:

  • 1 X AY-49 Video-Making Kit Vlogging Tripod

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 15 cm


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