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Wireless 2in1 Selfie Stick & Tripod Stand

2in1 Wireless Selfie Stick + Tripod Stand

NOTE: Product can be used as Selfie Stick or as a Tripod Stand


Product’s Description:

✔Wireless Selfie Stick + Tripod Stand

✔Color: Black

✔Shortest Length: 18cm

✔Longest Length: 72cm

✔Holder Diameter: 60mm to 95mm

✔Rotation: 360 degrees horizontally, 180 degrees horizontally

✔Shutter control: Wireless Remote Control

✔Detachable Remote: Yes

✔Bluetooth Range: 10m

✔3 shades of Light(Warm, Natural, Cold)

✔3 Levels of Brightness

✔Bluetooth Control for taking pictures

✔Multi-purpose Selfie Stick

✔Extensible rod

✔Compact size

✔Charging cable


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