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Lavalier Collar Mic for Phone 3.5mm


-Plug & Play Mic (No need of extra adaptor/wire)

-Equipped with Collar Clip for experiencing great convenience

-Foam windscreen

-Reduces Noise

-For interview, meeting, Lectures guide

-Perfect for audio and video recording

-Used for phones , laptops etc

-Comes with extended wire(1.5m)

-1.5 meter shielded cable

-3.5mm Plug for All Phones


Lavalier Collar Mic 3.5mm Hands Free Computer Clip on Mini Lapel Microphone This is a 3.5mm hands Free clip on mini lapel microphone that makes you chat in comfort while using Skype, VOIP, gaming, video conferencing, or while recording your notes. This hands free microphone allows you hand-free comfort, just plugs into a standard 3.5mm jack, and clips it on to your shirt, tie, or pocket. The cable is approximately 1.5 meters long.


  • Small, compact design allows you to easily clip it to your shirt, tie or pocket
  • Chat in comfort while using Skype, VOIP, gaming, video conferencing, or while recording your notes.
  • Connects to Computer PC and Laptop
  • Plugs into a standard 3.5mm jack.
  • Supported Windows XP, 2000, 98, ME, and Vista
  • Cable length: 150cm


Are you a professional photographer or have an interest to make recording? Lavalier Collar Mic is an ability to record clear and high quality voice to make your videos and recording professional. Lavalier Collar Mic records clear and high quality voice for videos and recordings. 3.5mm jack can be attached with all Phones, PC, Laptops & Loudspeakers. It has high sensitivity to capture every sound around you as well as wide frequency response to record voices. Lavalier microphone is covered with a foam cap which is used to protect the mic from wind noise and spits. Further, it has long cable of 1.5 meter for your convenience to move it everywhere during recoding. As well, it is suitable in many places like journalist’ interview recording, daily life recording, live video recording and online teaching video recording etc.

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